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Soft Ferrite Materials

Soft ferrites are important components in electric/electronic engineering. Their initial permeability can reach over 15k. Ferrites are dense, homogenous ceramic structures made by mixing iron oxide with oxides or carbonates of one or more metals such as zinc, manganese, nickel or magnesium. They are pressed, then fired in a kiln at high temperature, and machined as needed to meet various operational requirements. Ferrite parts can be easily and economically molded into many different geometries. Many diverse materials are available, providing many choices of desirable electrical and mechanical properties. Ferrite components are widely used in transformers at high frequency, computers, telecommunication equipments, consumer's electronics, industrial automation equipments and various kinds of electronic instruments, and sensors etc.

Soft Ferrite Cores and Components/Transformers
Characteric Curves of Soft Ferrite Materials

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