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Materials of Soft Ferrite Cores/Components

Chenyang-ISM uses Mn-Zn and Ni-Zn Soft Ferrite Materials for designing and manufacturing its ferrite cores and components. The material Mn-Zn has a middle and high permeability (2000 - 15000). The material Ni-Zn has a relative low permeability (10 - 2200).

 Terms and Definitions of Soft Ferrite Materials
 Mn-Zn Materials with Middle Permeability (CY-MP Series)
 Mn-Zn Materials with High Permeability (CY-HP Series)
 Ni-Zn Materials with Low Permeability (CY-LP Series)
Characteristic Curves
 Mn-Zn CY-MP2B Material
 Mn-Zn CY-MP2A Material
 Mn-Zn CY-HP5, CY-HP7, CY-HP10 Materials
 Ni-Zn CY-LP070, CY-LP100, CY-LP150 Materials
 Ni-Zn CY-LP001, CY-LP002, CY-LP004 Materials
 Ni-Zn CY-LP006, CY-LP010, CY-LP020 Materials
 Ni-Zn CY-LP080, CY-LP120 Materials

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